Monday, March 10, 2014


Great White Martial Arts

Great White Martial Arts opened in 2007 and offers the finest self-defense classes in the area for kids and adults, utilizing the concepts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our style of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style is a fun way to get into awesome shape as students will notice increased strength, stamina and flexibility. Martial arts training reduces stress levels, leads to better focus and instils the confidence to persevere through difficult situations. Our classes are excellent for all ages.
Also located in our facility are Rib Mountain Martial Arts and Five Rings Taekwondo. We are separate but partners in that a membership at one gives you a pass to train at all three! Many of our goals are the same or similar and we feel you should get the most from your time and money. Find more information below along with contact information.

Rib Mountain Martial Arts

Rib Mountain Martial Arts is a contemporary self-defense program based primarily on classical Japanese styles for ages 14 and up. RMMA focuses on practical self-protection against common 21st century attacks. Taught properly, the martial arts provide a vehicle to both enjoy life more, and to overcome the difficulties that are a natural part of everyday existence. Our training is serious, but our classes are both friendly and fun. Initial training focuses on stand-up self defense, the use of tools (weapons) and defense against various weapons. Our primary goal is to escape and avoid physical harm. Find more information at, find us on Facebook or call us at 715.571.1674.

Five Rings Tae Kwon Do

Five Rings Tae Kwon Do is part of a 2000 year old tradition of Korean Martial arts. Tae Kwon Do is taught with the belief that everyone has the right to feel safe, and it is the fastest growing style of martial arts and sport in the world. The style we practice is called the Jidokwon style, which stresses systematic training techniques and superior sparring ability. Roughly 90% of all national/world champions practice the Jidokwon style. In fact, It is commonly referred to as the (OLYMPIC STYLE) . The Jidokwon style is directed at optimizing each students strengths. Our philosophy is well rounded, using both mind and the body to become the best you can be. We accentuate the positive and help students see and utilize their potential. Find us on Facebook or call us at 715.212.2139.